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Samuel  Adusei Samuel  Adusei

Samuel Adusei

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About “Samuel Adusei”

Principal Medical Laboratory Scientist. Speciality in Haematology, Microbiology, Clinical Chemistry, Cytology and Histopathology.
1. For Laboratory test on
* Kidney Function
* Liver Function
* Blood Film comment
* Fertility test including semen analysis and females fertility hormones
* Allergy
* Lipid profile for cholesterol
And many other test.

2. Provide Laboratory test interpretation and education for you to better understand your lab. Test.

3. Enjoy good health with packages of health screenings.

4. Cervical and prostate disorder test and understand of disease prevention and progression.

5. Breast cancer education and available Laboratory test

6. Generally body well being

Offered Services

Medical Laboratory Scientist


  • Principal Medical Laboratory Scientist ( 2016 - Present ) Sydentil Medical Services

    Your Health is Our Priority


  • Masters Degree University of Ghana

    BSc in Medical Laboratory Science
    Master in Health Informatics ( UG Public Health)



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