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Cotton Wool

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Medical Cotton Roll Description

The medical cotton roll is made of 100% natural high-quality cotton through degreasing, bleaching, and processing, which is white and soft. Winner Medical cotton roll medical is divided into two types: the reverse process and the positive process.

Medical Cotton Roll Advantages

1. Medical cotton roll is white and soft and is made of 100% natural high-quality cotton. Super softness and patient comfort. It’s an absorbent cotton roll with high absorbency and low lint.

2. No fluorescent agent, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing.

3. Medical cotton roll is fluffy and comfortable, and has strong water absorption. Quick absorbent capability.

4. Available in various sizes.

Medical Cotton Roll Application

Winner cotton roll supplier provides medical cotton roll for wounds which is ideal for wound cleansing, application of medication, and packing of wound area and also apply astringents; remove makeup and nail polish; facial wash pad; baby care.

1. Anti-process cotton rolls can be used as cotton balls of various specifications for daily body surface and skin cleaning.

2. The positive craft cotton roll can be used for gauze quilting together with the gauze roll. Winner soft cotton roll can be used for minor burns, acute wound care, absorption of exudate, and so on.


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