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Portable Digital X-ray Imaging Machine Digital



Portable DR X-Ray Host

Max. output power 5.6kW
Working frequency 80kHz-200kHz
KV range 40-125kV
mA range 5-100mA
mAs range 0.1-320mAs
Exposure time 0.002-10s
Interface WiFi,RS232
Power supply 90-264VAC, 50/60Hz
Battery 3000mAh

Collimator:  Deviations between the ray radiation field and light field is not more than 3% of SID

Amorphous Silicon Panel Detector

Scintillator Type CsI
Pixel size 139um
Pixel matrix 3072 x 3072
Effective area 427mm x 427mm
Spatial resolution 3.6 lp/mm
Data interface Wifi
Power supply 24VDC
Battery 4180mAh



CPU Intel i5 /Memory 8GB/Hard disk 512GB/

Screen resolution 1920×1080

Image processing system: 

DICOM3.0, image brightness/contrast, window width/window position, tissue equalization, image enhancement and sharpening, image transmission and printing, etc.

Portable rack

Height range: 

The minimum distance between the X-ray focus center and the ground is not more than 500mm, and the maximum distance is not less than 1750mm

Rotation range:

The rotation angle of the X-Ray host around the vertical axis is ± 90º

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Portable Digital X-ray Imaging Machine Digital Radiography Equipment

This portable digital x-ray machine comes with a 5.6kw powerful x-ray source, which can produce clear and sharp X-ray images for patients of any size.

The x-ray imaging machine also features with large flat panel detector with 17*17 inches of imaging field for imaging patients of any size as well as in common positions. It is equipped with a smart universal mobile stand and a Compact design with a narrow body for great mobility. A multi-potioning arm can easily meet most clinical imaging needs


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