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Trolley Color Doppler Diagnostic Ultrasound Machine



♦ Continuous wave doppler imaging(CW)
♦ Anatomic 3M mode imaging
♦ AUTO IMT(intima-media thickness) measurement
♦ 3D/4D imaging(optional)
♦ Panoramic imaging(optional)
♦ Tissue Doppler imaging(TDI)
♦ Color M Mode Imaging
♦ Trapezoidal Imaging
♦ Free Hand Elastography(optional)
♦ Needle enhancement technology( optional)
♦ Trapezoldal Imaging

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Trolley Color Doppler Diagnostic Ultrasound Machine


DW-T3 is an all-purpose application-type ultrasound system that demonstrates the perfect combination of image enhancement technology, easy workflow, and rich applications. With a focus on budget constraints,
DW-T3 is designed to meet the diagnostic needs of multiple departments and bring a new experience


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